The minimum recommended cage size is 1.5 to 2 times your parrots adult wingspan! CLICK to find yours

Walk in Aviary - Small - 62" x 62" x 80"

Please specify the species of parrot or type of exotic animal this enclosure will house? I.e. Green wing Macaw, Spider Monkey, etc

  • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish 
  • Includes outside access swivel feeder
  • Four stainless steel bowls 
  • 6 different sizes available
  • 1" and 1/2" bar spacing for large and small birds
  • Easy bolt together panels for easy assembly
  • Ideal for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, poicephalus, psittacula, etc
Centurion Cages are the original designers and manufacturers of the walk in aviary!  These outstanding enclosures can safely house everything from budgies to macaws, as the walk in aviaries are available in both 1' spacing with heavy duty 6mm diameter bars as well as 1/2" spacing with 4mm bars.  The enclosures are easy to assemble and come in a variety of configurations to suit any space you may have.  Walk in aviaries are the easiest enclosures to clean!  The bottoms of the panels are threaded and metal "feet" come standard with the aviaries; however, wheels or sliders from your local hardware store can be added to make the aviaries movable.  Linoleum can be placed down to protect floors and then newspaper, butcher paper, or brown Kraft paper on top.  All aviaries come with an outside access swivel feeder door panel (4' panel) that can be positioned into any side of the enclosure so you can customize placement to suit your needs.  There are 3 large stainless steel heavy duty durable bowls that are included.  This system allows safe removal of the dishes without birds escaping, fingers being bitten, or the entry door ever being opened.  Great for those that travel!  Additional swivel feeder 4' panels with the rotating unit and 3 additional bowls can be purchased as an add on during the checkout process if you have a need for more feeding stations in your enclosure.