The minimum recommended cage size is 1.5 to 2 times your parrots adult wingspan! CLICK to find yours

Tiki Rope Small Diameter - 1.5"


  • Natural Manila Rope   
  • Non-toxic / Not treated      
  • 304 Stainless steel Hardware
  • Indoor / Outdoor 
  • Long Lasting
  • Great for Pluckers
  • High Quality

Our parrot ropes are natural non-toxic manila and have stainless steel hardware to eliminate the danger of heavy metal toxicity and rusting.  They can be used indoors in cages or outdoors in aviaries, between play gyms, from the ceiling as a play area, or hung vertically or diagonal for enriching environmental variety!  The ropes are very durable, lasting well with daily use from large macaws and cockatoos and are used in zoos and aviaries across the country.  The manila is a brittle fiber rope, similar to sisal but with a much softer more natural texture, so toe nails do not get tangled in the fibers like cotton.  It needs very little trimming, if any, over the life of the rope.  This makes them a favorite for use in breeder cages and aviaries as the birds can enjoy rope perches without the need for constant intrusion from their caretakers.  They are also excellent for birds with plucking issues as they love to preen the fibers of the rope.  This holds true for the smaller birds as well - including cockatiels, budgies, poicephalus, psittacula (asiatic parakeets), african greys, amazons, conures, and australian grass parakeets.  We have received an amazing amount of feedback from our eclectus and cockatiel owners telling us how much their birds love picking at the fibers of these ropes!  For our African Greys, we recommend the larger 2" diameter as they seem to enjoy the stability of the perch to the smaller, less rigid 1.5" ropes.  And, of course, these are customer favorites for those who share their lives with the large macaws and cockatoos.  Read our Customer Reviews for more feedback about these best sellers.
It will take between 7-10 days for me to hand make your rope especially for you, and please allow for slight variations to the length of the rope as we make each one individually to order.  Clean with warm water and grape seed extract; dry in the sun. 

The Tiki Ropes comes in Two diameters - 1.5" and 2"

The 1 1/2 inch rope is appropriate for all birds from budgies to large macaws and cockatoos.  To maintain healthy feet and add enrichment, it is beneficial to offer a variety of perch sizes in your parrot's cage and environment.  Observations of wild birds including parakeets, lories, pionus, conures, cockatoos, and macaws show that they comfortably perch on a wide variety of diameters and surfaces from very thick, fat, tree branches where their feet sit almost flat to teeny, tiny, twigs that can barely hold their weight.  So don't be afraid to 'branch out' from the "recommended" perch sizes!  However, from extensive observations of our own parrots on their ropes for the past decade, we can tell you that they like "the big ones!"  It appears that they enjoy an "oversize" rope to one that is similar in size to their usual perches.  This holds true for the little birds as well.  The cockatiels prefer their big 1 1/2 inch rope to their 1/2" rope, two feathers down!     The medium sized birds can go either way - 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch.  This includes amazons, african Greys, eclectus, small cockatoos, and mini macaws.  However, when given the choice, many African Greys choose the 2 inch rope, as it is more stable and supportive.  My goffins cockatoo, Halo, also prefers the larger 2" rope over the 1.5" size.  Our definite recommendations for the large macaws and cockatoos are the 2 inch rope.  These big birds LOVE big ropes.  If you have a Moluccan or Umbrella, get ready for some serious flapping fun! 

*Please note!   For safety reasons, since the ropes are an all natural fiber, we cannot accept returns on the Tiki ropes.  We would be happy to answer all questions for you prior to ordering to ensure that you are selecting a size and diameter that will work well for your needs and your birds!