The minimum recommended cage size is 1.5 to 2 times your parrots adult wingspan! CLICK to find yours

Small bird 5024


NEW!   Small bird double cages! 

  • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish  
  • 2 Entry doors 
  • Includes outside feeder doors
  • Four stainless steel bowls 
  • Removable Center Divider
  • 1/2" bar spacing for small birds
  • Bolt together panels for easy assembly
  • 50" wide by 24" deep by 65" tall.
  • Inside cage height 36"
  • Ideal for small parrots such as budgies, parrotlets, caiques, conures, senegals, cockatiels, grass parakeets, canary wings, etc 
These double cages are wonderful housing alternatives for little birds who require 1/2" bar spacing but still enjoy the space of a 50" long enclosure.  Recommendations for this cage are for the center divider to be removed and the cage be used as one large enclosure.  Why have the divider then?  We find it's a great tool for breeders, who can isolate their breeding pairs on one side or the other to safely clean, change perches, and rotate toys within the enclosure.  This logic also applies to cage aggressive birds, boarding facilities, and those couples who own a bird that is bonded to one person, but aggressive to another.  The bird can be "shifted" to one side or another for safe cage maintenance.  The divider is also a helpful tool for slowly introducing those birds that like to play together, but whom we do not fully trust to cohabitate without supervision.  Plexiglas can also be added to the divider panel to make a 'solid' clear divider where toe biting is a concern.  Double cages, when used as a single enclosure, give parrots the room to move in the most important orientation - horizontally!